Velvet Jasmines

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About Us

Velvet Jasmines
 of Dallas, Texas
The Velvet Jasmines is a social group of women under the leadership of her excellency, Queen Sonetchka. 

Sharing fun in doing like interests and projects, we are open to membership for women between the ages of 21 to 95. 
(Sorry men, but only women are allowed in this royal group.)

We are an official chapter of the Red Hat Society.  We are in Dallas, Texas.

If you share one or all of our interests and passion, and would like to join our chapter, you can register as a member
Mention our Chapter ID: 85182
Velvet Jasmines of Dallas, TX
Referring Member ID: 0868432

We are a royal group of fun-loving women of a special pedigree.  We like to put on red hats and purple attire (or pink hats and lavender attire for those under 50) and commit to living life to the fullest!

In our chapter, we like music and singing together, photography, painting, fine arts, museum, theater, opera, writing, poetry, food, international cultural events, making crafts for church and charity, travel, fengshui, martial arts, shopping, spa, massages, special lunches, high tea, family values, love for the world, etc.

We are group of women who hate the drudgery of meetings. No, that is not what we do.  We are already busy with that at work. We don't like to work as a member of this chapter.

Instead,  we like to "hoot"!  A hoot is the RHS word for an unstructured and extremely informal event.  We choose a date and location and meet there for an event, a meal, shopping, etc. with each participant responsible for their own expenses.  Needless to say, this group never works.  We just "hoot" and have fun!  Come and "hoot" with us!  

Her Majesty,  Queen Sonetchka

Question: So if you are Queen Sonetchka, our chapter leader, does that mean that each of the members have royal titles too?  Like Countess, Princess, Lady, Duchess, etc.

Answer:  Naturally!  The good news is, you can choose your own title.  Try it and choose what sounds pretty with your name.  Feel your ears perking up with the title?  Now, isn't that just luv-ly?

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